A5 paperback
190 pages
RRP £7.99
29 July 2010

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The Secret World of
ZoŽ Golding

Jane MacGowan

This novel is classified as ĎMedical Fiction for young adults, and older readersí.

ďIím just so lucky to have found someone I can trust absolutely. But Iím not going to tell you everything at once; itís far too Ö powerful Ö so youíll have to get used to it bit by bit.Ē
Ė Zoë Golding to her cousin Fiona Maxwell

As long as sixth-former Zoë can remember, she has dwelt in her own secret world, a world about which she could speak to no one except Beauty, her mermaid doll.

But after her parents die in a road accident, Zoë goes to live with her cousin Fiona, and is able at last to confide in someone she trusts. But will Fiona understand the drastic action Zoë thinks she needs to take to fulfil her secret desire?

Author Jane MacGowan lives in Cambridgeshire with her husband and two cats.

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