A5 paperback
190 pages
RRP £7.99
29 July 2010

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The Secret World of
Zo Golding

Jane MacGowan

The Secret World of Zoë Golding is a controversial book for young adults and older readers. Although presented as medical fiction, the story is based firmly on fact. It deals with matters that many readers will find fascinating, though some may find them unpleasant or shocking, too.

Editor Trish Chapman explained: Some of the content of The Secret World is certainly unusual and even unpleasant, but at the same time it is exceedingly interesting. The author Jane MacGowan softens the possible effect of the undiluted story by unfolding it step by step and withholding the most shocking revelations until the reader is well prepared.

The book deals with a particular type of condition known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder or BIID. Even some members of the medical profession may be unfamiliar with BIID, and those that have heard of the condition may know little about it. Now they may learn about BIID, and its possible causes, from The Secret World of Zoë Golding. Though the story is told through fictional characters and locations, the elements of the narrative are based firmly on fact, and the book provides an accurate example of a typical case.